Ugly Advice – Eating the Batter

IMG_6312[1]We ALL eat the batter.  It has to be done.   But everything you read says you shouldn’t because of salmonella.   So when I’m making one of those batters I know I’ll eat…two words:  Fake Eggs.   I say this in some of my recipes but it’s worth a special call-out.   Consider using fake eggs for things where you’re tempted to eat the dough.   Ok, I don’t think they’re actually “fake”, they’re just pasteurized but they don’t have shells, so I’ve always called them fake.

Honestly, I have NO idea how possible/likely it is for you to catch salmonella from raw eggs.   I really don’t.  Has anyone you know ever gotten sick from eating cookie dough or licking the spoon? No one I know, but if you’re the type who doesn’t want to risk it, there’s your solution.

If you’re gonna eat the batter (and trust me, on some of these recipes you WILL eat the batter), just use liquid eggs in a carton.   They work great in the recipes, and there are no health worries!  Plus, they last a lot longer in the fridge than fresh eggs do, so you can have them ready just in case you encounter a cookie emergency.  You will lose a little of the individual flavor characteristics of the white and yolk, but if you combine it with enough sugar, brown sugar, vanilla, flour, butter, etc… the taste difference should be pretty much non-existent.

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