Ugly Advice – Oven Temperature


Oven Temperature! Is your oven accurate?  Meaning, is the temperature on the dial actually the temperature inside the oven?  Probably not.

Besides, if you actually look at the knobs on your oven, they’re not exactly super precise.  It’s not like stepping on a digital scale that gives you readings to the tenth of point.  Because of that, my oven’s “350 degrees” might be significantly different than YOUR oven’s “350 degrees”…and that will affect cooking.

It’s pretty common for oven temperatures to be higher or lower than what you actually think they are and that’s fine as long as you know it and can account for it.  In order to do that, get yourself an oven-safe thermometer.  They’re not usually particularly expensive.  They usually have a little hook so that they hang from the rack.  You can see what your temperature really is and adjust your dial up or down as needed.

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