Cinnamon Bundt Cake


This is the kind of dessert that’s usually my favorite.  Very flavorful but not super-sweet.  And of course homemade.  Plus it’s got the added benefit of being extremely versatile.  You can plop on some ice cream or whipped cream in the evening, or it’s something you could conceivably have with coffee at breakfast.  And who doesn’t like dessert for breakfast?!?


·        2/3 cup chopped walnuts

·        2/3 cup brown sugar

·        6 T flour

·        2 T cinnamon

·        1 `1/4 cups sugar

·        1/3 cup vegetable oil

·        2 eggs

·        3 cups flour (in addition to flour above)

·        1 t baking soda

·        1 t baking powder

·        1 t salt

·        1 ½ cups buttermilk (I know, it’s something you’ll probably have to go buy – sorry!)

·        1 T plus 1 t vanilla

Also, you’ll need butter and flour to coat the Bundt pan.  



Mix the walnuts, brown sugar, 6T flour and the cinnamon and set it aside.   IMG_6576

Take some butter and coat the inside of the Bundt pan.  Make sure you get it everywhere because this is what the flour will stick to.  Next, take flour and roll it around the inside of the pan so that it’s fully lined.  We’re doing so that the cake doesn’t stick to the pan, and using butter and flour instead of a non-stick spray because those sprays can eat away at the pan’s coating.

Pour about a quarter of the walnut mixture into the pan, and again set the walnut mixture aside.


Mix the sugar and vegetable oil in a bowl and beat them well.  Then add the eggs and do the same thing, until all the ingredients are well blended. 

In a separate bowl, whisk together the flour, baking soda, baking powder and salt.  Add the flour mixture to the sugar mixture, alternating with the buttermilk and beating well after each addition (so:  flour, beat, buttermilk, beat, flour, beat, buttermilk, beat, flour, beat).  Once all that’s done add in the vanilla and beat it one last time.

Pour about half the batter into the prepared pan.  Next, take the remaining walnut mixture and sprinkle that evenly over the batter in the pan (this will be your filling).  Finally, take the second half of the batter and pour that into the pan, over the walnuts.

Bake at 350 for about 45 minutes – until a toothpick inserted in the middle comes out clean or with a couple crumbs.  If it comes out moist, it ain’t done yet.

Cool the cake in the Bundt pan, on a wire rack, for about 10-15 minutes, then remove it from the pan and cool completely on the rack.


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