Ugly Advice – Planning for a “Disaster”

messyOk, maybe “disaster” is a strong word.  It IS a strong word.  Let’s call it an epic fail instead.

Anyway, whenever I see a new recipe or I develop a new recipe I get all excited about it and want to make it right away.  If we’re having people over for dinner, I’ll plan that recipe as dessert.  This is not a great idea and definitely not the advice I have for you.  But then…how many of us ever follow our own advice, right?

So here’s the advice – If you’re making something new or something tricky for dessert, make sure you have ingredients on hand to make something else…one of your go-to desserts that you can make pretty simply.  Then, if the dessert truly is an epic fail – which we all know can happen – you can whip up something else as a backup dessert.

For me it’s my chocolate chip cookies.  I just really like making them, I’ve made them quite a lot and everyone enjoys them.  But it doesn’t have to be something from scratch, even.  There are slice and bake cookies where you freeze the dough ahead of time and can cook them any time up to three months later.  And, honestly, there’s always just ice cream.  Keep a couple pints of Ben & Jerry’s just in case.  Everyone loves ice cream

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