Almond Cookie Brittle


This is another Mom recipe, and I’ll say upfront it’s kinda weird.    Not that it tastes weird – it’s actually delicious.   But she calls it “cookie brittle”.   Honestly, I’d call it “brittle”, but at this point there is no way I’m disagreeing with my Mom.   I’m 6’2”, 200 pounds and Mom still does not hesitate to haul off and smack my arm if I get out of line.

So, cookie brittle it is (but really…it’s just freakin’ brittle).

The other weird thing about it, and you’ll see in the pictures, is that you spread it out in a pan but there’s not enough dough to actually fill the pan.   It looks…unfinished.   Should I increase the ingredients so it fills the pan?   What if I do that and someone uses a different sized pan and there’s too much dough?  What if I screw up the math and you end up with a soupy mess?    So…I kept Mon’s ingredients.   They work, and the cookie brittle (brittle) is really good.

Plus, honestly, I just don’t wanna get smacked.


·        1 cup butter, softened to room temperature

·        1 cup sugar

·        1 t salt

·        1 ½ t almond extract

·        2 cups flour

·        1 T milk

·        1 cup sliced almonds 


Mix the butter, sugar, salt and almond extract until well blended and creamy.

Add in the flour and milk, and beat that until it’s well blended.


Fold in the sliced almonds.   Basically, this just means pour the sliced almonds in the batter and mix in gently with your hands.  (You can use a wooden spoon but it’s a lot easier if you just use your – hopefully clean – hands).


Press the dough about 3/8 inch (pretty specific, Mom!) thick into a jelly roll pan lined with parchment paper.   What, pray tell, is a jelly roll pan you may ask?   Basically it’s a fancy name for a cookie sheet…that has sides.   That’s it.   Here’s where it looks unfinished – the dough will not cover the entire bottom of the pan – you’ll only cover about ¾ of it, and it looks, to me, like a beige ice shelf off Antarctica.


Bake at 350 for about 20 minutes and move them to a wire rack to cool, leaving it in the pan.   Once it’s completely cooled, break it apart like peanut brittle.   (Which, if you’ll notice, is NOT called peanut cookie brittle.   Just sayin’.)


This is my “idiot face”


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