Ugly Advice – Toss the Old Stuff!

I’m not talking about clothing.  Obviously you should keep every piece of clothing you’ve ever owned forEVER.  At least that seems to be my philosophy.

I’m talking about baking ingredients.  Obviously things like eggs, milk and butter all have limited shelf lives.  And if you ever thought about it, you’d probably realize that some of the less obvious things like baking soda or flour also have shelf lives.  Granted, they last much longer than dairy products, but not forever.

This is/was cottage cheese. It’s over a month past it’s expiration date. Just…no.


Check the expiration dates (Even bottled water has an expiration date!  Which is…weird.  What will we drink when the zombie apocalypse comes?)  And also listen to them.  Old flour, for instance, can start to taste “off” and no matter how many other ingredients you put into something, no amount of sugar or butter is going to mask that.

Yeah, I’m really bad at this.

Most individual ingredients are not expensive.  Use ’em or toss ’em!

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