Raspberry Rose’ Frose’

Okay, so this is one that maybe isn’t particularly ugly.  And, well, it’s not really dessert, either.  Yes, fine, it’s a cocktail.

But you do have to make some of the ingredients.  Well, one.

When you serve them people will think you’re super fancy, and by the way these are really refreshing and incredibly good.  Plus you use the stove AND a blender so I say it totally counts as dessert.

Adult beverage dessert.

By the way, I did a crap job of photographing the final result but please trust me, this is extremely easy to make and absolutely delicious.

And one last thing – this recipe is brought to you by Chateau St. Jean.  I used their rose’ for the sorbet and their sparkling rose’ for the drink itself.  Sometimes in my life, I make good choices.

Me looking bat-s#!t crazy


·        1 cup still rose’ wine

·        1 ¼ cup sugar

·        3 cups frozen raspberries, plus a few additional for garnish if you’d like

·        A bottle of sparkling rose’


Pour the rose’ and the sugar into a medium saucepan.  Get it to a boil and whisk constantly until all the sugar is dissolved.  Take it off the heat and let it cool.


Once the rose’ mixture is cooled, put 1 cup of it in a blender, along with the 3 cups of frozen raspberries.  You’ll be using most but not all of the rose’ mixture.  Blend it until it’s smooth, and then taste it.  To make it a little sweeter, add additional rose’ mixture until it’s to a taste you like (I added a little more than the 1 cup in the recipe).


Pour the mixture into a freezable container, cover it, and put it in the freezer overnight to harden.


When you’re ready to have cocktails (and if you’re being honest – aren’t you usually?), add a scoop of the raspberry rose’ sorbet to each glass, open the bottle of sparkling rose’, pour it into champagne glasses,  and garnish with a raspberry or two.


Sit back and enjoy, reveling in how sophisticated and fancy you are!




1 thought on “Raspberry Rose’ Frose’

  1. Ooooh, that looks great! Tempted to make something like that, now!


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