Strawberry Creme

This one actually uses a ton of fresh strawberries (well, 4 cups, which isn’t a ton but it’s still a lot).  It’s simple to make and really light and tasty.  And with so much fresh fruit, I figure there has to be at least some elevated level of nutritional value, right?

Basically, I’m still coming down from a vacation where I ate everything…and then went back for more.  This was a chance for me to enjoy something a little lighter and more refreshing.  And damn if it didn’t work!  I think you’ll like this, and you can feel all superior that you’re not doing horrible things to your body.

At least with this dessert.  The rest is really none of my business…



·        3 T cold water

·        1 envelope unflavored gelatin

·        4 cups strawberries, cored and halved

·        ½ cup sugar

·        1 ½ t vanilla

·        ¾ cup sour cream (I used full fat, not lowfat because this is dessert.  Duh.)


·        1 cup strawberries, cored and diced

·        2 t sugar

·        Whipped cream (optional, but not really)


Put the water into a small bowl and stir in the gelatin.  Then, microwave the bowl (uncovered) until the gelatin has completely dissolved, but the water is not boiling.  This is about 20-25 seconds.  Take it out and stir it until the mixture is smooth and set the bowl aside.


Put the strawberries, sugar and vanilla into a blender and mix on puree until everything is really blended.


IMG_0518Add in the sour cream and pulse it until everything is well blended.


Turn the motor on low, take off the top and pour in the gelatin mixture.  That’s pretty much it for the “cooking”!


Pour the crème into small bowls or water glasses – I used 5 water glasses.  Cover each glass with plastic wrap and refrigerate overnight.

Take your diced strawberries and put them into a small bowl, sprinkle the 2 teaspoons of sugar on it and mix them together.

IMG_0532Let it stand for at least 5 minutes while the strawberries get a little juicy.  It’s ready to use now, but if your crème isn’t ready then cover it with plastic wrap and put it in the fridge.

When you’re ready to serve the crème, take everything out of the fridge, mix the diced strawberries and spoon them over the crème.  Top with whipped cream and serve.  Sooo good!!


One tip – make sure to add the topping and whipped cream right before serving, not a significant time earlier than that.  The crème is fragile and the diced strawberries might start sinking into it.

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