Ugly Desserts Fail (ish)

So, I found an old recipe of my grandmother’s and made it.  Let’s just say…she had some of the proportions off.  The recipe called for an 8″ square pan.



Not a chance.

This is what happened:


Let’s just say – I’m REALLY glad I put the pan onto a cookie sheet before I put it into the oven, otherwise I think I’d still be cleaning the oven.

On the plus side, and why this is a fail(ish) is that it’s delicious.  Like, amazingly good and crazy moist.

Clearly the recipe isn’t ready to post yet, but I’ll work on it and get it up because it’s so delicious.  Here are a couple tweaks I’m planning to make:

  • Figure out the right size pan.  I’m pretty sure 9″ x 12″ is going to work.
  • As much as I love the topping, I think I’ll add some brown sugar to it.  Right now, the crumble is all white sugar and I think swapping some of that out with brown sugar will add a nice additional flavor to it.
  • A bit more vanilla.  There’s very little in there and I think it might add something.

Anyway, this is a true Ugly Dessert.  Delicious, but a complete MESS.  I’ll get it to a place where it’s a little more presentable and I’ll post it!

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