Ugly Advice – Give Yourself a Break!

IMG_6430Seriously, give yourself a break.   Did you promise to bring your famous (fill in the blank) dish to a party or dinner party?  Did you then run out of time to actually make said fill in the blank dish?  And you’re now stressing out about it?   Breathe.   It’s ok.

It’s ok to stop at the store on the way and just pick something up.  It’s fine.  Will people be vocally disappointed that you didn’t bring what you said you would?  Yeah, probably.   But take it as a compliment.  They were just looking forward to eating what you made. And if they’re NOT disappointed?  Maybe your famous dish is famous for the wrong reasons…  Just sayin’…

Bottom line – everyone has busy lives these days.  Do the best you can, laugh about it when you fall short and move forward.  And breathe.  It’s all good.

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