Super Fudgy Brownies


These brownies are kind of a hybrid between fudge and more traditional brownies.  I say that upfront just in case, like me, you’re more of a cake brownie kinda person than a candy person.   Not that I don’t necessarily like candy….I’ll just always choose cake over candy.   As any logical person would.

That said, I guess sometimes you might like something a little sweeter.   Or, make something that your guests will like (because these really are good), but maybe you won’t feel too tempted to reach for that third piece.   Though I just made them and I’m on my fourth piece, so that theory is shot.  Anyway, here we go! 


·        2 oz. unsweetened chocolate

·        ½ cup butter

·        1 cup sugar

·        2 eggs

·        1 ½ t vanilla

·        ¼ cup flour

·        ¼ t salt 


·        1 cup walnuts, chopped up (If you want walnuts.   I’m not usually a huge fan of nuts in brownies, but in these they help balance the flavor and sweetness.  For the photos here, though, since I made them for a friend who’s allergic to walnuts…no walnuts.)

·        ¼ cup semisweet chips (highly recommended)

·        Butterscotch chips (a handful or so – just for a little flavor variety)  


IMG_6534Melt the chocolate and butter (You might want to break up the unsweetened chocolate squares before you put them in the bowl – get out a little aggression on those suckers.   They melt more easily that way.).   Remove the melted chocolate from the heat.

Add the sugar, eggs and vanilla and whisk them together until they’re blended.   Then, add in the flour and salt and whisk them in as well, until fully blended.   Finally, if you’re using them add in the walnuts and chips and stir.  Try not to do what I did:


Take an 8 or 9” square baking pan and butter it and flour it or line it with aluminum foil and pour the batter into the pan.IMG_6536 Bake at 325 for about 40 minutes or until you can stick a toothpick in there and it comes out with just some crumbs sticking to it, as opposed to having liquid batter stuck to it.  Put the pan on a wire rack and let it cool completely. 

IMG_6552Cut ‘em up and serve ‘em out!



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