Raspberry Linzer Tarts


Right off the bat – these are more like bars or triangles than they are actual “tarts”…meaning they’re not individual pieces but a tray that you cut into whatever shape you like.   I prefer the triangles because….I prefer the triangles.  Maybe they’re just more interesting than rectangles to me, I don’t know.    Make them any shape you like.

Ok, now that we have that extremely important bit of information out of the way, lets get on with the show.   These are one of the few recipes in here that actually use store-bought mix as an ingredient, rather than starting everything from scratch.   No worries – you don’t need to tell anyone because no one needs to know.   All they need to know is that they’re really tasty

  • Difficulty: super easy
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·        1 cup chopped walnuts (or pecans, but for this I think the walnuts are better)

·        1 pouch store-bought sugar cookie mix (around 17.5oz, but don’t worry if it’s a little less and it’s great if it’s a little more)

·        1/3 cup butter, softened to room temperature

·        ½ t cinnamon

·        1 t vanilla

·        2/3 cup raspberry preserves  (you can use strawberry or boysenberry too, but the raspberry is awesome) 


First chop up the walnuts.

img_8128.jpgMix the cookie mix, chopped walnuts, butter, cinnamon and vanilla until crumbly.   You can try and use a spoon but honestly that will just wear out your wrist.   Wash your hands and just dig in there and mush it all together.


It’s moist and kind of crumbly – not “typical” dough

By the way, if you use a larger bag of sugar cookie mix than 17.5oz, then just add a little more butter, but don’t worry about it being exact.  “Ish” works great here.

Line an 8 or 9” square pan with aluminum foil.  Take about 2/3 of the mix and spread it evenly along the bottom, then press it in.   Make sure the sides are a little higher than the middle so it forms a little lip.


Spread the preserves on top of the mix.


Sprinkle the rest of the mix on top of the preserves (do not press in this time).


Bake at 375° for about 20-25 minutes.   Basically, you want the mix on the top to be golden brown.


When it’s done, take it out of the oven and lift the whole piece out by the aluminum foil and let it cool completely.   Once it’s cooled, cut into triangles or, ugh, boring bars.



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