Ridiculously Simple German Drop Cookies

Sometimes you don’t have the time to put in to making any sort of involved recipe.   Sometimes, you just have to knock something out because something came up or, you just need a cookie NOW and don’t feel like going to the grocery store (Where, honestly, you should never buy cookies.   They sell cookie ingredients, and that’s all you need.)

This is a recipe my mom gave me, and you can find multiple variations of it on the interwebs.   They’re called German Drop Cookies.   For the life of me I can’t find the origin of that name.   Even Siri didn’t know.  The best I can figure is that the “drop” part just means you plop the dough on a cookie sheet.   And “German” means…they were invented in Germantown, PA?   They were invented by someone with the last name of German?   They taste like sauerkraut?   Nah, that last one’s not right.

Regardless, or irregardless if you prefer, it doesn’t matter.   This is one of those recipes where you plop a bunch of ingredients into a bowl, mix that s#$t up, plop it on a baking sheet and bake it.   Super simple, but tasty too.   It’s more of an adult cookie, not very sweet but with a nice flavor to it.

  • Difficulty: very easy
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·        1 ¾  cups flour

·        ½ cup sugar

·        1 cup butter, softened to room temperature

·        1/2 t vanilla

·        ½ t salt

·        1 cup chopped pecans

·        ½ cup powdered sugar

·        ½ t cinnamon 


Mix the flour, regular sugar, butter, vanilla, salt and pecans in a bowl with a wooden spoon.   That is your cookie dough right there.


Roll the dough into balls and put them on a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper.

IMG_8638.jpgBake them at 350 for about 20-22 minutes, until they’re golden brown on the edges.   Put them on a wire rack to cool.


While they’re baking, in a small bowl mix the powdered sugar and the cinnamon.   After the cookies are out of the oven but before they’re cooled (that is, while they’re still warm), sift the powdered sugar/cinnamon mix over them.

IMG_8706If you don’t have a sifter don’t worry about it – you can just take the warm cookies and dip them into the mixture instead.   Aaaaannnnd…you’re done.


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