Peanut Butter and Chocolate Truffles

These are super simple – you just can’t be afraid of getting your hands dirty because these are really kind of a mess.

By the way, one of my friends once called these “truffles”, which I thought was hilarious.   That’s a very fancy name for what is, essentially, a delicious ball of sugar.


    ·        1 8oz. package of Baker’s® semi-sweet baking chocolate (or, you can use 2/3 a bag of semi-sweet chocolate chips – whatever works and is cheaper)

    ·        ½ cup peanut butter

    ·        1 tub of Cool Whip®, thawed out

    ·        Flaked coconut*

    ·        Chopped nuts*

    ·        Sprinkles*

    ·        Colored sugar*

  • All optional – you might want to just pick one or two to roll the balls in.


Seriously, those are the only ingredients.

Melt the chocolate.

IMG_8661Stir in the peanut butter until it’s blended and let it cool for a while, til it gets close to room temperature.

IMG_8662Then, stir in the Cool Whip®.

IMG_8663Refrigerate for about an hour and a half or so.

Here’s where it gets super messy.   Take the bowl out of the fridge, grab a tablespoon (a regular big dinner spoon works fine), scoop up some batter and roll it in your hands until it’s about a 1” ball and put on a cookie sheet.   Did I mention wash your hands first?   Wash your hands first.   Don’t be gross.   Regardless, you probably won’t get through the whole bowl before it starts totally sticking to your hands.   If/when that happens, put the bowl back in the fridge for a bit, wash your hands and go do something else until the batter is cold again.


If you want, before you put these on a cookie sheet you can roll them in something else (flaked coconut, chopped nuts, sprinkles).   I can guarantee you that if you do, you will end up with a total Pinterest fail like these.  The ones on websites and in cookbooks look gorgeous.   Mine do not.   Yours probably won’t either.   But they’re super simple and taste great.


1 thought on “Peanut Butter and Chocolate Truffles

  1. I have not included it in the past. I am just starting to add it to a recipes going forward. But since you asked, I did the analysis on this recipe and added it ;). Please let me know if that helps.


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