Crunchy Toffee Cookies

Normally, chewy cookies are my thing.   They remind me of the bakery on Broad Avenue my mom used to take me to when I was a kid.   Crunchy cookies always made me think of cheap, mass-produced grocery store cookies…acceptable if you want/need a quick sugar fix, but when you get right down to it not really worth the calories.

These cookies are different though.  First off, they’re homemade, so bonus there.   Second, they’re pretty simple to make, another bonus.   And third, they’re really tasty which is the big bonus-round bonus.   The only ingredient that’s a little unusual is the toffee candy bits, but you can get them at the store in the aisle where they sell chocolate chips – they’re usually right next to them.   If they’re not, go find another store because your store is clearly not worthy.


·        1 cup butter, room temperature

·        1 cup dark brown sugar

·        1 cup white sugar

·        1 ½ t vanilla

·        2 eggs

·        2 cups flour

·        ¼ t salt

·        ¼ t baking soda

·        1 bag (10 oz) toffee bits

·        1 cup oatmeal

·        1 cup chopped nuts (almonds or pecans are best, I think)


Beat together the butter, sugars and vanilla.   In a separate small bowl whisk the eggs together and then add them to the first mixture and beat until completely mixed.

Next, beat in the flour, salt and baking soda.   It’s easiest to add them all a bit at a time so that flour doesn’t go flying everywhere when you mix.

Finally, add in the toffee, oatmeal and nuts and mix with a wooden spoon (not a mixer) until everything is combined.   That’s it for the batter – super simple.


Heat the oven to 350° and drop tablespoon-sized balls onto the baking sheets lined with parchment paper and cook for about 14 minutes.

IMG_9335As always, check as they’re cooking – you want them just starting to get a little brown on the bottom.  Let them cool on the sheet for five minutes before transferring them to the rack.


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