Chocolate Toffee Meringues

 I’ve made meringues in the past, mostly simple stuff, primarily with egg whites and sugar.

While these are not exactly what you’d call difficult, and they certainly use egg whites and sugar, they also add a few other ingredients that make these fun and unique!


·        5 egg whites

·        1 t vanilla

·        1 ¼ cup sugar

·        3 T dark chocolate powder

·        1 8 oz bag of Heath Bar toffee bits (If you don’t have a bag you can smash up a few Heath bars for this – you’re looking for about 1 1/3 – 1 ½ cups worth.)


Put the egg whites into a glass bowl and whip until they start to get foamy.  IMG_3837Add in the vanilla and gradually add in the sugar and continue beating until the mixture forms stiff peaks.  Be prepared for this to take a while – maybe 10 minutes.IMG_3838

Once you’ve got nice peaks, gently fold in the dark chocolate powder and stir (gently) until it’s mixed in there.

Then gently fold in the toffee bits, just until they’re evenly distributed.IMG_3843

Place tablespoon-sized peaks onto a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper.  IMG_3844They won’t really spread so you can keep them fairly close to one another.  Bake at 300 for about 35 minutes, until the bottoms get lightly brown and the cookies are dry on the outside.

Let them cool completely on the cookie sheet, then transfer then to an airtight container.IMG_3846IMG_3847IMG_3849

Makes about 80 cookies.  Yes 80.  It’s a lot.  Feel free to cut down the recipe  😊


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