Ugly Advice – Don’t Be Afraid to Fail!

My reaction when one of my desserts doesn’t work out…
Seriously, sometimes things don’t work out.   If you follow the recipes here they should but I’ve made things where I’m tired and misread the instructions and it just didn’t work.   Or, tried a recipe from a book and for some reason it just wasn’t happening.

My best example of that was, one year I decided to get fancy so I found a recipe for candied grapefruit rinds.   In retrospect I don’t know what I was thinking – I don’t even like grapefruit, and I’m not a huge candy fan.   But anyway, I tried – and they were a LOT of work.   I put them out…and they failed miserably.   Really, they were awful.   So awful that a couple of my friends went to my computer desk and found a box of paper clips.   They opened up the paper clips, stuck them through the candied grapefruit rinds of evil and hung them on my Christmas tree.

But that’s ok – it’s a great story that my friends STILL tell 20 years later.  And, now I know never to make candied grapefruit rinds again.   But for every failure there have been a dozen successes of things that I just love, or my guests just love.   You never know – give it a shot.  And by all means Instagram or Tweet me the results!



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