Oreo Sushi

I saw this on TikTok, I don’t know the origin of it, unfortunately, but it is literally the easiest thing you’ll make this year.  Seriously!

And since you’re basically ust reconstituting Oreos, it will be amazing because Oreos are amazing


  • 24 Oreos
  • 3 T plus 2 t milk


Wait, that’s it??

Yeah – that’s it!

IMG_3861First open the Oreos and scoop out the filling.  Put the cookies in a food processor and the filling in a small bowl.

When you’ve done this with all 24, grind up the Oreos in the food processor, remove the cookies and add the 3 T of milk.  Mix until well combined and roll into a ball.  Place the ball on a piece of plastic wrap and tell it to hang tight – you’ll be right back to it.IMG_3863

Next, add the remaining 2 t milk to the filling and mix (you can do this with a fork) until well combined.

Back to the cookie part.

With your (hopefully clean) fingers, press the dough into a rectangle.  Cover the rectangle with a second sheet of plastic wrap and roll the dough until it’s about ¼ inch thick.  You don’t want it too thick because you’re going to need to roll it.  Remove the top sheet of wrap and trim the edges so it’s a perfect rectangle.  Eat the stuff you trimmed off because baking is fun.

Take your filling and milk mixture and spread it evenly on the rectangle (you know, the part you didn’t eat).  Make sure your coverage is complete – you don’t need to leave any edges.IMG_3867

Starting from one of the short ends, roll tightly into a spiral.  You’ll need to be a bit deliberate here – you want to get a nice tight roll.IMG_3868

Tightly secure the plastic wrap around your roll, and wrap the ends to the whole thing is secure. IMG_3869 Refrigerate the roll for at least an hour.  When you’re ready to serve, slice the roll and there you have Oreo sushi!IMG_3870IMG_3875

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